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When relative humidity levels are 100% (max amount of moisture vapour the air can hold) due to the dew point being present (the temperature at which 100% relative humidity is reached) the air is described as saturated and condensation is formed, leading the problems such as black spot mould.


Is the process of water rising up the capillary called 'Capillary attraction'. It can be caused by many things, the common causes are; Failed DPC (Damp proof course), no DPC present or just simply DPC being bridged.


Penetrating damp is usually caused by poor maintenance of a building allowing an ingress of water to penetrate through the external walls, but is nothing that we cant fix! 

Unfortunately these forms of damp are all very common in the average household and can be daunting but we are proud to say we are experts in damp and can professionally identify and expertly remedy any form of damp you may have with prices you'd struggle to beat!

Any Questions or simply want advice on your damp do not hesitate to contact us!


If red ash is present in a property, or you do not have a red ash certificate stating there is no red ash present, it will be difficult to buy or sell the property.

This is due to the sulphates that red ash contains becoming damp causing a chemical reaction with the overlaying concrete floor, this can blow the floor causing it to 'crown' or crack.

In extreme cases red ash can cause structural damage to your property and may even leave it structurally unsafe.

If you have had a red ash test and had confirmation of red ash present and wish to have it removed, do not hesitate to contact us!

We have years of experience dealing with red ash and will take the job on from start to finish, removing the red ash, filling the excavation, installing a damp proof membrane and re concreting your floor leaving you with a smooth finish. 

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